St. Michaels Inn Bar and Restaurant Near St. Andrews

Discover the St. Michaels Inn on your journey to St. Andrews. This quaint inn offers an inviting bar and restaurant located in the serene countryside, where Scottish hospitality shines through.

St. Michaels Inn exudes a Scottish atmosphere with cosy interiors and vintage touches. The inviting bar, with its wooden surfaces and local brews, provides a relaxed, friendly environment.

Bar St Michaels Inn in St Andrews

The bar at St. Michaels Inn near St Andrews provides a range of beers, ciders, wines, spirits, and non-alcoholic options. The Inn’s commitment to featuring local goods and the helpful staff make it a memorable experience.

burger and fries at st michaels inn bar in st andrews

Restaurant St Michaels Inn in St Andrews

The restaurant at St. Michaels Inn in St Andrews offers traditional Scottish cuisine, using locally-sourced ingredients. Iconic dishes like fish and chips and steak pie are stapled offerings that reflect the region’s food culture. The menu, updated seasonally, features the best regional offerings throughout the year.

fish and chips at St Michaels inn in St Andrews

St Michaels Inn Bar and Restaurant in St Andrews

St. Michaels Inn is close to the historic town of St. Andrews, known as the ‘Home of Golf’. St. Andrews’ ancient university, medieval architecture, and coastal views make it an attractive destination.

St. Michaels Inn is an ideal stop when visiting St. Andrews or exploring the Scottish countryside. With its bar and restaurant, you can experience the essence of Scottish hospitality in a welcoming setting. The inn is a place where community, traditional dining, making it a must-visit destination.

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